•Our work is based on the joint definition of your objectives and our approach, the quality, availability and permanence of our teams, the implementation of proven methodologies adapted to your organization and the formulation of professional recommendations. We provide you with a multidisciplinary offer covering the following sectors:

•Manufacturing industries and Services





Manufacturing Industries and Services

Each industry carries both general and specific risks. 

We analyze these risks, depending on the type of assignment, and consider action plans to reduce them.

Whether in the food processing industry, heavy industry or service providers, process analysis is always a prerequisite integrated into our approach, whether it is an audit or consulting engagement.


Algeria is one of Africa’s leading producers of hydrocarbons, ranking first in gas production and among the top three oil producers. According to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), of which the country has been a member since 1969, Algeria has proven oil reserves of 12.2 billion barrels and proven gas reserves of 4.5 trillion cubic meters, the third and second largest on the continent.

Consultant on various partnership projects for the development and exploitation of oil and gas fields, Cabinet Hadj Ali has developed an expertise, over the last thirty years, on production sharing and concession contracts, particularly in the areas of accounting and  

Banking and Insurance

The Algerian banking sector has 20 banks, with six public banks dominant in terms of asset share(90%) and fourteen private banks, all foreign-owned, holding the remaining 10% of the sector’s assets. 

Over the past twenty-five years, Cabinet Hadj Ali has developed an expertise dedicated to the banking sector, from projects for the creation of banks to the statutory audit of banks and financial institutions, specializing a team of auditors dedicated exclusively to auditing in banking.

The Insurance sector is also an important financial sector for which Cabinet Hadj Ali has developed an expertise in both life and non-life insurances.

EPC Contracts

Integrated Engineering, Procurement  and Construction contracts are complex and most of them are long-term contracts.

Over the last thirty years, Cabinet Hadj Ali has developed an expertise in assisting various businesses with an integrated offer ranging from the financial analysis of contracts, to their tax analysis with an offer of outsourced services.