Statutory audit Contractual audit Audit of procedures Audit statutaire Audit contractuel Audit des procédures Due diligence Externalisation de comptabilité et de paie Conseil Fiscal et Conseil en Management Corporate Finance

•Statutory audit

•Contractual audit.

•Audit of procedures.

•Due diligence.

•Outsourcing of accounting and payroll.

•Tax and Management Consulting.

•Corporate Finance: From the business plan to the project financing.

In addition to auditing of financials, auditing consists of supporting the company in its development: We help our clients to manage accounting and financial issues, in relation to their risks but also those related to any transformation or complex operation.

The diversity of the missions assigned to our firm is the guarantee of excellence for all our assignments, including those of our specialization in:

Accounting Outsourcing

Tax Advice

Management Consulting

Corporate Finance