Expert comptable cabinet Hadj Ali Cabinet d'audit

The firm founded in 1962 by Dr. Ali HADJ ALI, dean of the accounting profession in Algeria, is currently managed by Samir Hadj Ali, Chartered Accountant and Auditor assisted by his Partner Mustapha Heddad.

Here is the history of the firm:

1962: Creation of the Hadj Ali cabinet by its founder Ali Hadj Ali

1963: Creation of the Algerian Institute of Commercial Studies (IAEC) by its founder Ali Hadj Ali

1969: Nationalization of the IAEC.

1990: Samir Hadj Ali joins the family practice

1991: Correspondent agreement with the international firm Arthur Andersen

1995: Mustapha Heddad, Chartered Accountant, joins the Hadj Ali firm

2020: End of the member firm agreement with the Mazars organization.

2021: Collaboration agreement with the firm Andersen.

Our values

Our values are fundamentally those of our profession:



Professional skills and diligence,


Professional behavior.

We are committed to the respect of the organization, the good practice and the rules of our profession.

To exercise our profession with complete independence and probity is our commitment.